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Dickson Suggests Bottle Deposit Scheme to Save Money and the Environment

Alliance East Antrim MLA, Stewart Dickson, has suggested that Northern Ireland should consider introducing a drinks container deposit system, to increase levels of recycling and reduce waste.

Mr Dickson was commenting on a recent report by Keep Britain Tidy which found that councils would likely save money by having fewer containers to collect, and less litter to clean from streets.

Mr Dickson said: “Bottle deposit schemes are common in Northern Europe, particularly Scandinavia. In fact, in Norway plastic bottle recycling rates are around 95%.

“Recycling is also usually quite convenient too, with refund machines available at supermarkets and other public places. So many people return their bottles, and get their refund, when they do their shopping.

“So it’s clear that introducing a bottle deposit scheme, could help us save the environment, as we know all too well in East Antrim the scourge of plastic waste washing up on our beaches. At the same time we could also take some pressure off council budgets, and I hope this can considered seriously in the future if devolution is restored.”

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