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Dickson pledges to support stroke survivors if elected to Westminster

Alliance East Antrim Westminster candidate Stewart Dickson has pledged to support the Stroke Association’s Manifesto.

Mr Dickson said: “If elected as MP for East Antrim I will work to ensure the best treatment and care for survivors.

“There is an urgent need to improve stroke services in Northern Ireland to ensure everyone affected by stroke gets the most effective treatment and opportunity to recover. As part of my promise to the constituents and the 1,552 stroke survivors living in East Antrim, I am pledging my support for the reorganisation of acute stroke services and better long term support for stroke survivors and their families.

“According to figures from the Stroke Association 45% of stroke survivors feel abandoned after leaving hospital. I want to see an end to the unequal access to basic stroke treatment and support so the people of East Antrim get the highest standards of care.”

The Alliance Party pledged to work to ensure the full implementation of the Stroke Strategy when Stormont is returned. The number of people having strokes in the United Kingdom is set to rise.

Mr Dickson concluded: “Stroke survivors in Northern Ireland deserve the best treatment and care available.”

"Join me in calling for improved outcomes for stroke survivors, find out more at"

- Stewart Dickson MLA

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