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Dickson & Williams Welcome Translink and PSNI Joint Partnership to keep our Trains and Stations Safe

East Antrim Alliance MLA, Stewart Dickson, together with Mid and East Antrim Councillor, Noel Williams, have welcomed the announcement that there is to be a major partnership initiative to keep Greenisland and Clipperstown railway station users safe.

Mr Dickson said: “Councillor Williams and I attended an inter-agency meeting to support and suggest methodologies that could assist Translink and the PSNI to manage, reduce and eliminate Anti-Social Behaviour (ASB) at Greenisland and Clipperstown stations, and of course, on Larne Line trains generally”.

Alderman Williams stated: “There is little doubt that the ASB at the hotspots of Greenisland and Clipperstown stations is causing great concern, and on many occasions even fear, for commuters. I am hopeful that this joint initiative will benefit the youths and make them realise that they could be harming their future life opportunities by acting in this way. Moreover, I would encourage parents to support their children in finding more purposeful ways to enjoy time with their friends. I would also commend the YMCA Team who have worked with the young people to endeavour to mitigate the effects of ASB”.

Mr Dickson concluded: “The Translink and PSNI ‘Safe Transport Team’ will be operating and youngsters should realise that falling foul of these teams could earn a ban from Translink services, and ultimately cause great personal inconvenience when needing to travel in the future”.

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