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Dickson Welcomes Plans for New Housing Development in Carrickfergus

East Antrim Alliance MLA, Stewart Dickson, has welcomed plans for a development at 75 Belfast Road, Carrickfergus, for two apartment blocks that will provide living accommodation across 48 units. Clanmil Housing, who provide high quality, affordable homes across Northern Ireland, are on the cusp of commencing the development in Carrickfergus, with a target date for completion in November 2022. The development will specifically cater for residents over the age of 55.

Mr Dickson said: “This is an excellent initiative from Clanmil Housing, who have created plans for beautiful, self-contained apartments, close to Belfast Lough and a short distance from the heart of Carrickfergus. With the older generation specifically in mind, this development will be a welcome addition to our community.”

Mr Dickson concluded by saying: “As we have all experienced over the course of the last year, where we call home is of the utmost importance – this development will create homes for dozens of families, and so it will be very exciting to watch the building work progress.”

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