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Dickson Welcomes Awarding of High Street Voucher Contract

East Antrim Alliance MLA, Stewart Dickson has welcomed an announcement by the Economy Minister that the contract for the Northern Ireland High Street Voucher Scheme has been awarded to Prepaid Financial Service (PFD).

The £145m scheme is expected to open to the public in September with everyone aged 18 and over in Northern Ireland to be given a prepaid card worth £100 to spend on the High Street.

Mr Dickson commented: “I am happy to see the Scheme progressing to this stage and the awarding of the contract for the delivery of the scheme. High Street businesses have had a difficult 18 months through the Covid-19 Pandemic and this scheme will help boost spending in our towns and cities.

“However, a number of questions remain regarding how the Scheme will function. In particular, whether there will be a cost to businesses for accepting these cards as payment or minimum spend amount, and if businesses that do not accept cards can also participate. It is also important that the Minister ensures that they can be used in our local charity shops, and consider how people could also donate funds, if they wish to do so.

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