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Dickson Encourages NI Households to Complete the Census by 21st March

The census happens once every 10 years and is the most accurate method of estimating all of the people and households in Northern Ireland. The information provided helps decide how services are planned and funded in local areas across NI. This includes services such as doctors’ surgeries, housing and new bus routes.

From today, census information packs will be distributed to households across NI. These packs will include an invitation to complete the census, a unique 16-digit access code, and other supporting information. Households are being asked to complete the census by Sunday 21st March. Where possible, the census should be completed online, though paper copies and freepost envelopes are available upon request.

Census Process

Online (information video here)

  1. Households will receive census information packs in the post

  2. The census website ( should be used to complete the survey

  3. A unique 16-digit code must be provided when prompted

  4. There will be clear instructions on how to complete the survey which should take approximately 20 mins.

Paper (information video here)

  1. Some households may receive a paper copy of the census form. This must be completed and returned via the freepost envelope provided.

  2. If you receive an invitation to complete the survey online, but would prefer a paper copy, please call 0800 328 2021.

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