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Dickson Encourages Eligible Early Years Providers to Apply for Pathway Funding

East Antrim Alliance MLA, Stewart Dickson, has encouraged eligible early years providers to apply for Pathway funding.

Mr Dickson said: “The Pathway Fund is in place to support registered facilitators of early years (0-4) education and learning provision. The Fund’s aim is to improve the development of children identified as most at risk of not reaching their full potential within the school system. 

“Every child deserves the best start in life – that is what Pathway funding aims to provide. I would urge all eligible facilitators of early years provision to engage with Pathway, and apply for funding if appropriate”.

The Pathway Fund is open to all registered providers or facilitators of early years (0-4) education and learning provision such as:

· Registered Sessional Day-care Settings (including Out-of-Schools, Summer Schemes, Playgroups, Crèches).

· Registered Full Day-care Providers (Day Nurseries).

· Registered Childminders.

There are two different funding streams, with differing criteria, and differing closing dates:

· Stream A applications open on Thursday 1st December 2022 and close on Friday 23rd December 2022 at 4:00pm.

· Stream B applications open on Thursday 1st December 2022 and close on Tuesday 20th December at 4:00pm.

For details of each stream, and information on how to access the online application and guidance notes, please go to the Pathway Fund’s website:

Additionally, the Pathway Fund is holding several information sessions from Thursday 24th November – Thursday 1st December. Details of how to attend these sessions can also be found on their website.

For further information, please contact The Pathway Fund team: Tel: 028 9066 2825 (option 2); or Email:

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