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Assembly Written Question 19915/17-22

To ask the Minister for Communities what actions she is taking to improve energy efficiency across her Department, arm's-length bodies, and departmental estate.

Answer: This Department holds in its own right two freehold buildings and three leased buildings and is currently participating in the ‘Energy Management Strategy and Action Plan to 2030’ (sponsored by the Department for Economy), which will contribute to a 30% reduction in net energy consumption by 2030.

Consideration will be given to further energy saving possibilities such as the installation of Light Emitting Diode (LED) lighting on an ‘invest to save’ basis. When delivering public realm schemes, there is a requirement to ensure that the works comply with the Low Carbon Design principles.

Whilst generally my Department does not have responsibility for energy reporting for its Arm’s Length Bodies (ALB’s), who have responsibility for their own energy measures, many of the ALB’s are committed to contributing to the Department’s actions on climate change.

In addition, during 2021/22, the Department will pilot a scheme to improve energy efficiency and test the use of renewable energy at the main depot used by our heritage craftspeople

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