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Assembly Written Question 12057/17-22

Question: To ask the Minister for the Economy whether she will consider legislating to provide greater consumer protections to static caravan owners who do not have a caravan as a primary residence.

Answer: The Caravans Act (NI) 2011 Part 2 provides legislative cover in respect of the seasonal caravan sector in Northern Ireland. Responsibility for the Act is shared between the Department for Communities (DfC) and my Department. However, it is DfC which is obliged to review Parts I and 2 of the Schedule every 5 years. The last review took place in 2016 and there were no recommendations arising from it. The next review is scheduled for 2021 and stakeholders including DfE will have an opportunity to contribute input. I can assure you that I fully recognise the vital contribution consumers provide to the Northern Ireland economy and I support the need to ensure that consumer protection rights are adequate and proportionate. My Department’s Trading Standards Service continuously engages with, and monitors feedback from, consumers and traders, to ensure consumer rights and responsibilities are upheld and appropriate enforcement action taken as necessary.

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