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Williams Welcomes Reopening of Play Parks in the Borough

Mid and East Antrim Alliance Councillor, Noel Williams, has expressed his delight that Parks will open across the Borough from 10 July.

Alderman Williams said: “Kids may be rushing to the parks in numbers following the three-month closures, however, I do hope they and parents will not simply ‘cram in regardless’ if there is not enough space to socially distance. They could come back at a later time, but it would be prudent to forewarn and make children aware that if that happens they can come back later, or on another day, after the excitement has died down.

“The main thing is to be sensible and not visit a play park if someone at home has Covid-19 symptoms.

“I would invite the public to be particularly mindful of cleanliness requirements and dispose of PPE carefully.

“No doubt some mindless people will feel the need to vandalise the parks and I would ask anyone seeing such activity to alert the Council right away on 0300 124 5000, or call the PSNI by dialling 101.”

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