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Dickson Welcomes Broadband Progress, but “More to Be Done”

East Antrim Alliance MLA, Stewart Dickson, has welcomed news that 360,000 homes and businesses, more than 40% of properties in Northern Ireland, can now access full fibre broadband through the Openreach network.

Mr Dickson welcomed the development saying: “Businesses and local people need online connectivity more than ever before, and so it is vital that we work to future-proof the network, and make Northern Ireland an attractive place to do business.

“I note the aim is to reach 60% of properties with full fibre by the end of March 2021, and there is still much work to do for many rural communities in East Antrim, to provide for better connectivity. This is especially the case for the agricultural, tourism and other sectors, as well as local services and schools as we try to resume daily life and business.”

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