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Dickson Welcomes News that Larne Social Enterprise is to Receive £25K Support

Stewart on a previous visit to AEL with Party Colleagues

East Antrim Alliance MLA, Stewart Dickson, has welcomed news that Access Employment Ltd (AEL) Larne has received £25,000 of support funds from the Department for the Economy.

Mr Dickson commented: “Initially AEL had been denied the £25,000 support grant on the grounds that are still not clear. I subsequently wrote the Department and asked Assembly Questions, on this matter, calling on the Minister to ensure support is provided.

“Although it is very late, I was still very happy to learn today that AEL’s appeal was upheld and the organisation has been able to access the grant. As Chair of the All Party Group on Social Enterprise I know well that AEL provides vital employment and support to people in Larne, and this money will help ensure its survival for now and into the future.

“Going forward we must ensure that all social enterprises are supported through this difficult time, considering the important economic and social value that they contribute to communities all over Northern Ireland.”

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