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Dickson Congratulates Recipients of National Lottery Community Funding

East Antrim Alliance MLA, Stewart Dickson, has extended congratulations to numerous local community groups for their recent success in gaining support from ‘National Lottery Awards for All’. The fund offers £300 to £10,000 to support what matters to people and communities.

Mr Dickson commented: “It’s always good to see local groups have success in gaining support for the excellent work they do in our community. I wish them well, and hope that this boost will allow for a continuation, and expansion of community and voluntary services across East Antrim.

Projects include:

Carrick Rangers Academy

Project summary - The group supports young people in Carrickfergus. They are using a £10,000 grant to run a programme of twilight soccer to encourage healthy relationships and connections and help young people avoid getting involved in antisocial behaviour.

Cushendall Men’s Shed

Project summary - The groups supports men in Cushendall. They are using a £9,500 grant to buy equipment for their men’s shed, including work benches, saws, sofas and chairs, a kettle and microwave, flooring and insulation.

Gaeil Ruairi óg agus Gaeil Na Glinnti

Project summary - The group, based in Cushendall, offers language and culture lessons for children and adults. They are using a grant of £10,000 to buy and furnish a mobile classroom to support their work with the local community.

Jubilee Community Benefit Society

Project summary - The organisation, based in Larne, is a community farm that encourages people to get involved with agriculture and farming. They are using a £10,000 grant to buy a small tractor and related equipment to support their work with the local community.

Carrickfergus Central Primary School

Project summary - The primary school, based in Carrickfergus, is using a grant of £10,000 to buy a RecoBox outdoor classroom to support children’s learning about the environment and provide a space to learn outdoors.

Glenarm Village Committee Ltd

Project summary - The group, based in Glenarm, supports local residents to come together and build relationships. They are using a £2,859 grant to start a friendship club for older people in the area and take part in a programme of activities, including music, quizzes, and informative talks on subjects chosen by the older people themselves.

Larne YMCA

Project summary - The Larne group provides after school, youth club and autism support programmes for local children and young people. They project will use a grant of £10,000 for training and learning programmes to improve young people’s skills, cultural understanding and employability prospects. Activities include an anti-bullying programme and a cultural diversity programme.

Little Angels Toddler Group

Project summary - The playgroup, based in Larne, is using a £3,195 grant for music and movement activities, outings at Halloween, Easter and during the summer, and a Christmas outing and party.

Victoria Nursery Unit

Project summary - The nursery school in Carrickfergus is using a £10,000 grant to renovate their playground, including providing climbing equipment, a playground surface that is accessible for wheelchair users and other people with mobility needs, and play equipment to encourage outdoor activity and imaginative play.

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