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Dickson Criticises Harsh and Uncaring Benefits System for Terminally Ill

East Antrim Alliance MLA, Stewart Dickson, has joined calls for changes to the Personal Independent Payment (PIP) system of benefits for people with terminal illnesses.

Currently, the benefit can only be fast-tracked for patients if a doctor confirms that their death can "reasonably be expected within six months". This means that those with terminal illnesses who are expected to live longer than this cannot access fast-tracked benefits.

Mr Dickson commented: “The benefits system is supposed to provide support and security in times of need, not be a sources of stress and frustration. This is no way for a social security system to operate. Sadly, this seems to be another Tory failure to protect vulnerable people in our society.

"As representatives we need to be scrutinising this issue and trying to fix it, which is exactly why we need a functioning Assembly and Executive."

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