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Emotional and Psychological Support Vital for People with Diabetes - Dickson

Alliance East Antrim MLA, Stewart Dickson, has called for greater emotional and psychological support to be made available to people with diabetes.

Mr Dickson, who is Chair of the Assembly All-Party Group on Diabetes commented: “In a survey conducted by Diabetes UK, 70% of people felt overwhelmed by the day to day pressures of managing diabetes and that they should receive more support for their wellbeing. Unfortunately, the same percentage found that they could not access professional mental health support, even when they indicated they needed it.

“We need diabetes care that looks after the whole person - without emotional and mental wellbeing the management of any condition can be a challenge. Therefore, we are calling on the Health Service to take action to provide comprehensive support to those with diabetes, to help ensure that the emotional and psychological support of patients is not an afterthought.”

For further information on this issue and living with Diabetes generally visit:

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