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Dickson Welcomes Departmental Commitment to Islandmagee PS New Build

East Antrim MLA, Stewart Dickson, has welcomed a commitment from the Education Authority (EA) and Department of Education that the Business Case for a new building for Islandmagee Primary School, will be submitted before the summer.

The EA made the commitment in a response to a letter co-signed by the five MLAs of East Antrim, and states that: ‘it is anticipated that the full business case will be submitted for consideration before the summer’.

Mr Dickson commented: “I have been campaigning for a new building for Islandmagee Primary School for five years now, regrettably the Department has continually dragged its feet. I am not prepared to allow another date to slip – I will be holding the EA to the timelines that they have set, specifically the submission of the business case before the summer.

“Islandmagee has been waiting too long for decent facilities and clearly the children and parents deserve better, so it’s time for everyone to pull together and get things sorted.”

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