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Stewart Dickson MLA hosts Work Experience Student from Belfast High School

East Antrim Alliance MLA, Stewart Dickson, has hosted Niall Brennan, a pupil from Belfast High School, and expressed his pleasure at being able to host the pupil for three days of work experience in his Carrickfergus Constituency office.

Niall Brennan said: “The work experience was both enjoyable and interesting. I really enjoyed my three days in the office and got to witness what an MLA and the staff in the constituency office do in the background, and what type of work they do for their constituents. As an A-Level politics student I think it is important for me to get first-hand experience of how politics works”.

Niall concluded: “I have thoroughly enjoyed my time at Mr Dickson’s office and I think I learned a lot more about politics than I would if I had not had this first-hand experience. I think it has been a great experience for both my A-Level politics and also for my future career. I would also like to thank both Stewart Dickson and his constituency manager, Noel Williams, and the rest of the staff at the constituency office for being so accommodating, and for giving me an opportunity to further my knowledge of politics”.

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