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Dickson Hosts Successful Minibus Information Session

On Monday 4th December, East Antrim Alliance MLA, Stewart Dickson held an information session, alongside Alliance colleague Kellie Armstrong MLA, regarding changes to minibus licensing that have caused considerable concern especially for schools.

Speaking after the event Mr Dickson said: “We are facing nonsense regulations that basically prohibit teachers from driving minibuses on their current licenses as they have for decades. Now teachers are being told they must pass specific minibus tests before they can transport pupils that means a costly exam that many schools simply cannot afford.

“The consequences will be quite severe, many schools will have to get rid of their buses, and hire them instead. Furthermore, school children may even have extracurricular activities completely cancelled due to a lack of viable transport.

I want to sincerely thank representatives from local schools, not just for their attendance, but for the information they shared with us on the difficulties they now face as a result from these regulations. Going forward we will continue to challenge these damaging changes to work out a solution that allows common sense to prevail.”

Alliance colleague, Kellie Armstrong MLA added: “I was pleased to see such a good turnout, it is clear that these changes have touched a nerve. I hope the information provided today has offered a clearer path forward for schools. If anyone needs information on this it will be available on the Alliance Party website.”

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