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Trump invite premature, says Dickson

Alliance East Antrim candidate Stewart Dickson has said inviting US President Donald Trump to Northern Ireland risks aligning us with the "appalling start" to his Presidency.

The new President was invited by former First Minister Arlene Foster and former deputy First Minister Martin McGuinness in a letter congratulating him on his victory following the November election. In it, the pair assured President Trump of a "warm welcome". Mr Dickson said it was a premature move. "If the former First Minister and deputy First Minister chose to invite Donald Trump, that is a matter for them. However, to extend such an offer is at best premature and at worst risks aligning us with the appalling start to his presidency. "If any such visit does take place, it should not be an exercise in toadying and sycophancy but rather used to speak truth to power about the US international obligations on refugees and human rights, among others."

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