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BT in Greenisland an “unmitigated disaster”

East Antrim Alliance MLA, Stewart Dickson, has condemned BT’s failure to provide Greenisland residents with Broadband as an “unmitigated disaster”.

Mr Dickson said: “Despite repeated promises from BT that additional broadband services will be provided for Greenisland by December 2016, they have still failed to deliver.

“My office has been inundated with complaints from furious customers in Greenisland who have been told that they cannot get Broadband. This is despite BT promising for nearly a year that the service would be provided by December 2016.

Mr Dickson has lodged a formal complaint with OFCOM where he describes BT Wholesale NI as an unmitigated disaster. He points out that businesses, families and individuals living in Greenisland have been failed by the supplier just before Christmas.

He added: “Residents are being left with no choice as other providers must rely on BT to gain access to cables and street cabinets. In short: if you are moving house or are a new BT customer in Greenisland, you cannot get Broadband.

“The only hope is the prospect of Virgin Media moving into the area, but something must be done sooner. The residents of Greenisland have waited too long. They need BT to fix this now.”

If you affected by the failure of BT in Greenisland, or anywhere else in East Antrim, please contact my office.

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