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Dickson Delighted that Translink Railtrack Fence at Minorca Drive to be Repaired or Replaced

Stewart Dickson MLA and Former Councillor Wg Cdr Noel Williams

Alliance Party East Antrim MLA, Stewart Dickson, is delighted that the Translink Railtrack Fence behind several properties in Minorca Drive, Carrickfergus, is to be repaired or replaced.

Mr Dickson MLA said: “For some months I and my staff have been dealing with Translink, on behalf of residents, in respect of the ageing and potentially dangerous fence at the rear of several properties in Minorca Drive. Many of the trees have not been pruned for such a long time that they were overhanging some of the gardens and were also in danger of pushing the wooden fence into gardens or the road.

“However, I am delighted that Translink have now agreed to resolve the problem and their Project Team will begin the removal of vegetation and repair or replace fencing.

“Those residents who have requested that their timber fence remain will have a paladin fence, on the railway side of their fence.

“For those who have requested that their timber fence be removed Translink will erect a new fence, on the line of the existing fence.

“Translink have assured me that all vegetation removal will be completed before Christmas and that the fences will be installed by the end of January 2017.

“I am delighted at this outcome and thank Translink for providing this early Christmas present for the residents.”

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