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Dickson says BLA' hole repairs inconvenient but vital

East Antrim Alliance MLA, Stewart Dickson, says that repairs at the Bla’ Hole to the Coast Road from Whitehead to Carrickfergus will take another 8-10 weeks to complete, due to considerable engineering challenges faced by TransportNI.

Mr Dickson said: “I made enquiries with the Department for Infrastructure and TransportNI following complaints from constituents upset by the length of time it was taking to repair the structure of the road at the Bla’ Hole, outside Whitehead.

“TransportNI responded by explaining the unique engineering challenges that face them on the cliff edge, including repairing the effects of over a century of erosion undercutting the road’s foundation.

“The work had to stop for a period of re-evaluation but the rumours that the road was going to be left as a single track are totally unfounded. Work will recommence on 4th July and continue through the holiday period for 8-10 weeks with tons of concrete being poured into the damaged sub-structure”.

Mr Dickson continued: “Therefore I would ask the public to bear with it for now, obey the temporary traffic lights, and look forward to completion in 8-10 weeks. Ultimately these works are vital to ensure the safety of the road users, and to avoid the road, which is an important link, being out of service in the future.”

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