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Dickson Welcomes the Extension of European Social Fund Programme in Northern Ireland

East Antrim Alliance MLA, Stewart Dickson, has welcomed the call for applications for funding under the Northern Ireland European Social Fund (ESF) programme.

The ESF is a European Union fund that provides funding to projects to help people access employment and skills, and tackle poverty.

Mr Dickson commented: “It is welcome that funding has been found to extend the current ESF programme period, even after we have left the European Union. This will be a relief to many organisations whose projects rely on the funding to provide vital interventions for people all across Northern Ireland, and I would strongly encourage interested groups to apply.

“Unfortunately Brexit has placed so much uncertainty on the future of such funding. I am very concerned that we still do not have very much information on what will replace the ESF, how it will be run, and who will make decisions on how to spend it.

“Ultimately, the Economy and Finance Ministers need to be working together to ensure that we do not lose control of this major source of funding from Northern Ireland, and the excellent projects it funds.”


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