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Dickson Welcomes News on Social Value in Public Procurement

East Antrim Alliance MLA, Stewart Dickson, has welcomed an announcement by the Finance Minister, that social value will be a mandatory component of procurement exercises.

Mr Dickson commented: “For years now we have been waiting for the Department to take action to make social value a required component of public procurement. I welcome this announcement which, although it falls short of promising legislation, should make a social value a key consideration going forward.

“As Chair of the All Party Group on Social Enterprise, I know well the value that social enterprises and charities can add in providing services, and I hope that the sector will see the benefits of this new policy soon.

“I would also like to congratulate Colin Jess, Director of Social Enterprise NI, on his appointment to the Procurement Board, to help ensure the interests of social enterprises are considered in procurement.”

In closing Mr Dickson said: “I also welcome the Finance Minister’s comments that if there is adequate time, he will take forward legislation for putting social value on a statutory footing in regards to procurement. The All Party Group will as ever, closely monitor progress on this issue, and advise where we see the potential for improvements, and continue to press for a Social Value Act for Northern Ireland, as exists in the rest of the UK and Ireland.”

The Finance Minister's statement can be viewed here.

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