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Dickson Urges Minister for Health to Forward Plan for Increased Numbers of Medical Graduates

East Antrim Alliance MLA, Stewart Dickson, has been left wondering when additional foundation training places for medical graduates will be made available in Northern Ireland.

Mr Dickson said: “Given the expected increase in medical graduates in Northern Ireland over the next few years, I asked the Minister for Health, what steps were being taken to ensure that an adequate number of foundation training places are made available within the HSC.

Whilst the Minister has reassured me that the issue is on his radar, he hasn’t been able to give me any detailed information on how planning for this significant increase is progressing.”

In order to expand the Northern Ireland Foundation Programme, the NI Medical and Dental Training Agency and the HSC Trusts, will have to work closely with the Department of Health to identify the necessary postings and additional financing.

Mr Dickson concluded by saying: “In the years ahead – and particularly from 2025 onwards – we can expect quite a significant increase in graduates from the QUB Medical School, and Ulster University’s new Graduate Entry Medical School. Our health system needs to be ready, and our Minister needs to be planning long-term.”

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