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Dickson Restates Call for Minister of Education to Tour Larne High's Dilapidated Facilities

East Antrim Alliance MLA, Stewart Dickson, has again called for the Minister of Education to visit Larne High School.

Mr Dickson said: “Larne High is in desperate need of a major capital project, if not an entirely new building. That is why I asked the Minister of Education to accompany me on a tour of the school back at the beginning of September. Unfortunately, she cancelled the visit, so I have once again put in a request, and hope this time her agreement will be honoured.

“Having visited the school myself during the summer, I was appalled at the state of several school buildings. Many of which were built more than half a century ago and are no longer fit for purpose.

“I have long advocated for better school facilities in East Antrim, but there is no better way of demonstrating the full extent of the constituencies needs than by physically showing the Minister the current state of the premises we are asking our teachers to teach in, and our students to study in.

“The staff of Larne High do a wonderful job of educating and supporting our young people. However, the dilapidation of their premises is hindering future development, and their ability to provide a nurturing environment for the students to learn in.

“The sooner the visit can be rearranged, the sooner the Minister can see this dilapidation for herself, and the sooner we can deliver for our young people”.

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