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Dickson Hails Support from the National Lottery Community Fund for Several Local Projects

East Antrim Alliance MLA, Stewart Dickson, has welcomed support from the National Lottery Community Fund for several local projects.

Mr Dickson said: “From teaching self-defence to domestic abuse survivors, to helping stroke survivors re-adjust to life - our community groups are engaged in some incredible work. I am personally so grateful to the National Lottery Community Fund for supporting these projects, and humbled by the love and support our local community continues to show for the most vulnerable in society.

“On behalf of the constituents of East Antrim, I pass on our sincere thanks to both the National Lottery Community Fund, and to all those people actively engaged in the projects that benefit from the Fund’s financial support”.

Local projects in receipt of National Lottery Community Fund grants, include:

  • Carnlough Womens Institute is using a £1,910 grant to provide a drop-in Centre at Ardclinis Parish Hall every Wednesday from 11am-1pm, where people can meet, take part in a range of activities, and feel like a part of the community once again.

  • Contact Combative Defence Systems, which is based in Larne, is using a £10,000 grant to provide non-aggressive, self-defence skills, to survivors of domestic violence. The project is running classes in Carrickfergus, Larne and Newtownabbey, and will receive referrals from Women’s Aid and White Ribbon.

  • The Eco Ranger Larne Group Official is using a £10,000 grant to buy essential equipment for their community clean-up activities, such as litter picks, which improve the local environment in Larne and surrounding villages.

  • The Mae Murray Foundation in Larne is using a £9,983 grant to take 115 people with complex disabilities from across Northern Ireland surfing using a sit-down surfboard during Autumn 2021 at Benone beach. The project will enable them to feel empowered, meet others safely and take part in physical activities following a long period of shielding during the pandemic.

  • The Stroke Association is using a £498,771 grant to help stroke survivors and their carers develop emotional resilience and re-adjust to life after a stroke. Over three years, in partnership with NI Chest, Heart and Stroke (NICHS), the project will offer counselling, self-management workshops and events to build peer support networks and increase recovery, leading to more independence and integration into the community for those affected by stroke.

  • The Chartered Institute of Fundraising in Northern Ireland is using an £8,700 grant to help build the skills and of charities, community groups, umbrella organisations and network organisations from across Northern Ireland, to help them recover from the pandemic. The project will run 10 online workshops, culminating in a conference.

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