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Dickson Expresses Disappointment at the Inaction of the Minister for the Economy

On the 25th February, East Antrim Alliance MLA, Stewart Dickson, asked the Minister for the Economy whether she would be reviewing her department’s recently published Economic Recovery Action Plan to ensure actions to maximise the benefits of Northern Ireland’s dual market access to the UK Market and EU Single Market in relation to goods.

Having not received a satisfactory response, Mr Dickson submitted a second question on the 16th March, pressing the Minister to outline the practical steps she has taken to reduce frictions to date.

Ms Dodds' response was to dodge responsibility to the business community in Northern Ireland by stating that: “Customs remain a reserved matter and is the responsibility of the UK Government to reduce frictions arising from customs controls.”

Mr Dickson, Alliance spokesperson for the Economy, expressed disappointment at Ms Dodds' reluctance to deliver for businesses: ‘The Minister’s response is evidence of her unwillingness to step up and help the people she has a duty to serve. After years of insisting that Brexit would bring a multitude of benefits worth opening Pandora’s box for, now that we are faced with friction, the Minister’s answer is to sit back and do nothing. I think we deserve better.”

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