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Dickson Encourages Taxi Consultation Response Whilst Disappointed at the Lack of Short-Term Support

East Antrim Alliance MLA, Stewart Dickson, is encouraging stakeholders in the taxi industry (including passengers) to respond to a public consultation on taxi fares, whilst also voicing his disappointment at the lack of short-term support currently in place for the industry.

Mr Dickson said: “The Department for Infrastructure is responsible for the regulation of the taxi industry across Northern Ireland. However, as many of us will have experienced, there are considerable issues at play within the sector.

“There is a marked need for more drivers, yet the job is becoming increasingly unattractive with hiked costs (including fuel and insurance) and an absence of Executive support. For those already working within the sector, they are truly feeling the squeeze.

“With fuel costs sky-rocketing, you would think the Minister would have come up with some short to medium term solutions. Unfortunately, he has opted to kick the issue into the long grass by stating he will wait to implement any industry changes until after a public consultation has concluded.

“I fully support such a consultation, but am disappointed the Minister is using it as an excuse not to help those struggling in the here and now.”

Mr Dickson concluded by saying: “I am advocating for short-term help for the taxi industry, but meanwhile, also encourage taxi drivers, taxi operators, and passengers – especially vulnerable passengers – to respond to the consultation.

The taxi fare consultation will finish on the 7th of October 2022 and can be found here:

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