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Dickson Echoes Calls for an Apology from the Deputy First Minister

East Antrim Alliance MLA, Stewart Dickson, has echoed the words of the Deputy Leader, Dr Stephen Farry, in calling for an unreserved apology from Deputy First Minister, Michelle O’Neill, in relation to the funeral of Bobby Storey.

The Public Prosecution Service today announced that it would not be recommending prosecution for anyone in relation to the funeral, which saw 2,000 mourners attend at a time when strict covid restrictions were in place.

“My thoughts and sympathies remain with anyone who lost a loved one during this pandemic and who was unable to mourn them how they would have wished. I thank them for following the rules. I know their pain has not disappeared, and in fact, has likely been reawakened by today’s news,” said North Down MP Dr Farry.

Adding his voice, Mr Dickson said: “The actions of the Deputy First Minister and other senior members of Sinn Féin critically undermined the messaging from Stormont at a crucial time in the pandemic – the knock-on effect of such rule-flaunting is unquantifiable and so the need for an apology is great.”

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