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Dickson cautiously welcomes new traffic management plan to aid roadworks on A2 between Carrickfergus

East Antrim MLA, Stewart Dickson, has cautiously welcomed a revised traffic management plan to be introduced by DfI (Roads) on Wednesday 14th June to minimise disruption caused by roadworks associated with the Phoenix Gas works.

Mr Dickson said: “Following discussions with DfI(Roads) I welcome the plans to have a new traffic management system put forward to minimise disruption for commuters during both the morning and evening rush hours.

“I have received multiple complaints about how much disruption the roadworks have been causing, as well as hindering the emergency services. The impact that this work has had over the past two days has been considerable and highly disruptive.

“Having experienced the bottle-neck myself, I welcome the revised traffic management plan proposed by DfI(Roads), to help alleviate the traffic backlog caused by these works.”

Mr Dickson concluded: “We will monitor the new system and assess the impact it will have on reducing traffic from tomorrow”.


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