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Dickson Cautiously Celebrates Ryanair’s New Service between Derry and Manchester

East Antrim Alliance MLA, Stewart Dickson, has welcomed today’s announcement that Ryanair is to launch a new service between City of Derry Airport and Manchester later this year.

The airline will be operating three weekly flights from Derry to Manchester starting in the winter.

Mr Dickson said: “Over 260,000 people within 35 miles of the City of Derry Airport travel to Manchester every year, so today’s announcement is very welcome. Especially for the many businesses and individuals that will directly benefit from improved connectivity in the area.

“However, we would be wise to cautiously celebrate this announcement, as the airline is well known for committing to an airport and then moving operations shortly thereafter. This was the case in Belfast, where Ryanair ended operations in Belfast City Airport in September of this year, and then again in Belfast International Airport in October.

“Having only reinstated flights from Belfast City in May, that means Ryanair was only operational in the airport for about five months.

“This said, I sincerely hope that the airline will adopt a different approach with the City of Derry Airport, and this new route will serve local people and local businesses for many years to come”.

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