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Dickson Calls for Increased Support for Taxi Drivers

East Antrim Alliance MLA, Stewart Dickson, is pushing for more support for the taxi industry.

Mr Dickson said: “The number of taxi drivers operating in Northern Ireland is on the decline. This is a serious issue, with so many people – often vulnerable – dependent on their services. To operate a taxi is a difficult job at the best of times, and if we want to keep the sector alive, we need to increase support for drivers.

“A public consultation on increasing the maximum fare structure was held recently by the Department for Infrastructure. It is my understanding that departmental officials are now compiling the responses, before findings are presented to the Minister.

“It is only right that any changes to the regulations governing the industry reflect a delicate balance of interests between drivers, operators, and passengers – particularly vulnerable passengers. However, the current stress on the industry cannot continue. More support must be given to the sector and the individual drivers who work within it”.

In addition to the public consultation, the Department for Infrastructure is also undertaking a review of the training manual, “All you need to know to be a Taxi Driver”, which is available on the NIDirect website.

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