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Dickson Backs ‘No Gas Caverns’ Campaign at Stormont Climate Bill Rally

East Antrim Alliance MLA, Stewart Dickson, has repeated his strong opposition to the proposed Islandmagee Gas Caverns project, at a Climate Action protest at Stormont on Monday.

The Rally, on Monday 13 September, called for greater action from the Assembly to tackle the Climate Crisis that the world faces.

Mr Dickson said: “The climate emergency needs action, and we all must work together to reduce carbon emissions, and our negative impact on the environment. That is why I am supporting the Climate Change Private Member’s Bill currently progressing through the Assembly.

“I was also delighted to meet ‘no gas caverns’ campaigners today, and speak to them about the proposed project.

“Ultimately, I cannot see any need for the proposed gas caverns at Islandmagee, especially as we move towards non-fossil fuel sources. I am also very concerned for the potential impact that this project could have on the local environment, especially marine plants and animals, and so I am strongly opposed to it going forward.”

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