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Cllr Williams Concerned for Safety on Quarry Cottages Cliff Path Whitehead

Mid and East Antrim Alliance Councillor, Noel Williams, a keen supporter of Public Rights of Way has, along with other councillors and Council Officers, inspected the Quarry Cottages path in Whitehead to see for himself the condition of the Cliff part of the path.

Councillor Williams said: “Mid and East Antrim Council is committed to support the use of Rights of Way and this particular matter has come before the Direct Services Committee, of which I am the Vice Chair.

“There have been a variety of issues regarding this path over the years. When a report was submitted to the Direct Services Committee, to establish whether Council should ‘Assert’ the path as a Right of Way, it was agreed that a site visit would be organised to let members see the condition of the path first hand.

Mr Williams added: “Whilst I have been vociferous in support of Rights of Way, Council has a responsibility to look at safety considerations in order that our constituents, and other users, possibly tourists, remain safe whilst enjoying the magnificent walks and beauty spots in Mid & East Antrim. I confess to having considerable reservations for walker’s safety on the Cliff section of this path. Some of the path grassed areas give the impression of being wide and safe, yet when viewed from below clearly show that they are anything but stable or solid and not capable of bearing the weight of a person.

“The issue is due to come before the Direct Services Committee in September; it will be the subject of a further Report by Officers. Those councillors who visited the site will now be better equipped to make a decision as to Assert the path as a Right of Way.

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