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Alliance Launches Manifesto for Election on 2 March

Alliance's Assembly Manifesto is a vision for all the people of Northern Ireland, not just part of it, Leader Naomi Long has said.

Naomi Long today spoke at the party’s launch of the document, entitled How to Change Northern Ireland For Good.

Mrs Long said the Manifesto showcased the need to change things to make our politics work better, a desire she said has been repeated by people she has talked to on the campaign trail.

"This manifesto highlights Alliance's desire for good Government, good relations, good prospects, good services and good leadership, steps which we believe need to happen to help move Northern Ireland forward.

Stewart Dickson MLA studying the Alliance Party Manifesto

“Vote for a party who has shown competence for Government, diligence in opposition and with a vision for all in Northern Ireland, not just some.”

East Antrim Alliance Candidate, Stewart Dickson, was present at the party’s manifesto launch. Following the launch he spoke of the mood of many people desiring change in this election and said:

“This manifesto is an example of positive politics. Alliance is a party with a record of leadership and proven commitment to honesty and transparency in Government.

“The public are ready for reform. Reform of the health service, the education service and the economy. We are sick of the cycle of cronyism and corruption and incompetence.

“Within the manifesto there was reference to my own work in Stormont as Chairperson of the Social Enterprise All Party Group. I proposed legislation on Social Value, which has since been taken up by the Executive. Furthermore, as a party we have pledged to examine other public finance arrangements which provide greater scope for social enterprises and development trusts.”

Mr Dickson concluded: “With this election there is a real chance for change. Northern Ireland is fortunate to use the electoral system of Proportional Representation where every vote has the potential to make the difference.”

Alliance's 2017 Assembly manifesto is available here.

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