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Dickson welcomes proposed arrival of M&S and potential further development of Courtalds site

Stewart Dickson MLA viewing the proposal for the Marks & Spencer Food Hall adjacent to the Loughshore Hotel with the Developers Agent

East Antrim Alliance MLA, Stewart Dickson, welcomes the proposed arrival of Marks & Spencer as part of the further redevelopment of the old Courtalds site.

Mr Dickson said: “I was fortunate enough to have a full briefing two weeks ago from the Developer, as well as the current public viewing at the Loughshore Hotel this week.

“I favour the redevelopment of the entire area that was the old Courtalds site. I am hopeful that the potential arrival of M&S in Carrickfergus will actually act as a magnet and stimulus that will encourage visitors to come in to the town centre and enjoy our historic heritage as well as doing more of their shopping there.

“It’s important to realise that over 20% of shoppers in Carrickfergus have no access to a vehicle so the importance of town centre accessible shopping cannot be overemphasised”.

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