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Dickson Delighted at Appeal Dismissal for Jordanstown Planning Application

East Antrim MLA, Stewart Dickson, today expressed his delight at the news that an appeal to a planning application by the University of Ulster, for the redevelopment of the Jordanstown campus, has been dismissed by the Planning Appeals Commission (PAC).

The redevelopment proposal which involved a mixed use scheme including 600 dwellings, village centre, relocated pitches, a research and development park and the retention of existing facilities; was initially turned down by the Planning Committee in August 2015 before an appeal was lodged by the applicant. The PAC did not uphold all 7 grounds for refusal as put forward by the Council it did however, sustain 3 of the grounds for refusal and on that basis concluded that the appeal must fail.

Commenting on the decision, Stewart Dickson said: “I am delighted for the residents I am representing to hear that the PAC has made the right decision, and avoided irreparable damage to the Jordanstown area for years to come. This development would have overwhelmed the local community, with a massive influx of new residents putting extreme pressure on local infrastructure and services.

“It is now time for the University to go ‘back to the drawing board’ and consult with the local community to produce a sustainable, positive and well-designed housing development of a much lower density than their current plans, leaving a positive legacy in the area. I look forward to engaging with the University to help plan a future that will benefit both their campus and the Jordanstown community.”

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