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Dickson Expresses Disappointment at Continued Lack of Support for Local Travel Agents

East Antrim Alliance MLA, Stewart Dickson, has expressed his frustration at the continued lack of support for travel agents in Northern Ireland.

Mr Dickson commented: “Over the past few months I have been calling on the First and deputy First Ministers and the Economy Minister to take action over the serious lack of support for local travel agents.

“The Covid-19 Pandemic has had a terrible impact on travel agents going back practically to January 2020. Demand for overseas travel has of course been severely affected by Covid-19 and associated travel restrictions, meaning that travel agents have seen bookings cancelled, and many people deciding not to travel.

“This means that many of these High Street businesses are in a very difficult situation. Although some support was made earlier this year, other businesses have received and continue to receive support. I cannot see why travel agents are being left out of this considering the serious impact Covid-19 has had on travel.

“With the end of furlough too, I am concerned that jobs will be lost unless action is taken to help. So I would call on the Executive Office and the Department for the Economy to respond urgently to provide further assistance.”

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