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Dickson Welcomes Minister’s Answer on Dargan Viaduct

East Antrim Alliance MLA, Stewart Dickson, has welcomed an Assembly Question answer from the Infrastructure Minister on the York Street Interchange project, where she outlines how the Dargan Viaduct will be part of ‘future-proofing’ the project.

Mr Dickson said: “I have been pressing the Minister, not only on the upgrading of road infrastructure at the York Street Interchange, but also for the inclusion in plans of foundation strengthening below the single track Dargan Rail Viaduct. So I welcome the Minister’s answer outlining that this is to be part of the project, as it is vital to the future of the rail link to East Antrim.

“Unfortunately for many users of the Larne Line and other services that pass Yorkgate, there is often a wait for another train to go over the single track viaduct which can cause delays and add time to journeys to and from the city.

“With the strengthening of the foundations, we can ensure that the full dualling of the railway between Yorkgate and Central stations can be delivered in the future, and increase the frequency and reliability of Larne Line trains and other services using the track. It would therefore be inconceivable that the road project would commence without future proofing the rail line.”

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