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Dickson Says Integrated Education is the Way Forward

East Antrim Alliance MLA, Stewart Dickson, says that Integrated Education is the way forward for schools in East Antrim, following the confirmation that Seaview Primary School in Glenarm is to go integrated.

Mr Dickson commented: “The decision on Seaview Primary School going integrated is really quite a big step, and makes it the first Catholic Maintained Primary School to make the change. It is also pleasing to see that 95% of parents voted in favour of integration, showing a clear desire for the change.”

This follows the decision in February to integrate another East Antrim school: The Central Primary School, Carrickfergus. A decision backed by 86% of parents at the school.

Mr Dickson continued: “Teaching our children in different schools, or classrooms, based on their religious background seems bizarre in 2019. It is also creating divisions in our communities and amongst young people, when we could be building connections.

“Integrated Education is the way forward for Northern Ireland, and I think the recent and overwhelming decisions by parents to integrate schools across Northern Ireland demonstrates this.”

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