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Dickson and Williams Welcome Neighbourhood Watch in Greenisland and PCSP Alert Schemes

East Antrim Alliance MLA, Stewart Dickson, and Local Alliance Campaigner, Noel Williams, have welcomed the development of a Neighbour Hood Watch (NHW) scheme for Farm Lodge in Greenisland and new ‘Text Alert’ and ‘Report All’ schemes set up by the Mid & East Antrim Council (MEA) Policing & Community Safety Partnership (PCSP). They were attending the MEA Neighbourhood Watch Public Meeting in Greenisland, where the schemes were introduced with other topics of discussion, such as Crime Trends, Crime Prevention and the MEA Greenisland Master Plan. The Text Alert Scheme is open to anyone who lives in MEA. Citizens can register their mobile number and then receive an SMS message to their phone with relevant community safety information in their area. This includes dangerous road conditions, suspicious vehicles and ongoing crime issues in the registered user’s particular area. Registered users will only ever receive a message from the PCSP or the PSNI. The ‘Report All’ scheme allows registered users to report anything that is causing issues in their area. This includes unserviceable street lights, pot holes and even blocked drains. Mr Dickson said: “These are great local schemes that will help communities feel safer, as well as improve community relations with the PSNI and PCSP. “Not everyone has access to, or are comfortable with, using social media platforms which many organisations now use to deliver and receive key messages and information. However, many of my constituents do have access to a mobile phone, so this will enable important information to be sent almost instantly to a lot more people in the area”. Local Alliance Campaigner, Noel Williams, said: “I encourage anyone who hasn’t already, to register for the schemes either by completing a registration form or by online application on the MEA website. Moreover, as a former Chairperson of the Carrickfergus PCSP I would recommend direct contact with the PCSP team through Alison Kane or Billy Johnston on 028 2826 2460/69 or”.

Also brought up at the meeting was the topic of allotments in Greenisland where attendees were informed that there are still eight allotments left available to purchase at £72 a year for full sized plots and £50 for smaller plots.

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